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"Tobey Maguire" RealityTV

"Sweet & Sour" RealityTV

"Riding Slow" Rising Suns

"Once Upon (Clever Rhyme)" Mic Crawf (prod. GetMoses)

"HIVEMIND" Slang Troubadour

"All The Pretty Things" Mad Static (prod. GetMoses)

"Bandit" GetMoses ft. Kelsey Lawson

"Fly Like A Cheesehead" Alexandra,  Sean Smart, & Sleepy

"Run (feat. Pat Yo)" Moses

"Mannerisms" Cold Vision

"Bed & Breakfast" Marcus Hanger,  Jermaine Event, & Madstatic (prod. by  Moses)

"Swim." Moses

"Shaken/Stirred (Grieves Remix)" Sean Smart & Cofax  (prod. by Moses)

"Snowflakes" Sean Smart & Airo (prod. by Moses)

"Recognition" The Cold Medina & Moses

"Lay Back & Chill" Sleepy & Sean Smart  (prod. by Moses)

"The Feeling" Sean Smart, Korim, &  Defcee (prod. by Moses)

"F**K IT" Sean Smart & Moses

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